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Jian-an Wang, Hangzhou
Deputy Chief Editors
Susan M. Briggs, USA

Steven M. Dubinett, USA
Second Affiliated Hospital,
Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  Current Issue: 2015 - Volume 6 - Issue 1
Recommended Articles

The role of regulatory T cells in immune dysfunction during sepsis

Chao Cao, Tao Ma, Yan-fen Chai, Song-tao Shou
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(1) : 5–9

Ultrasound diagnosis of malaria: examination of the spleen, liver, and optic nerve sheath diameter

Yuanting Zha, Michelle Zhou, Anjali Hari, Bradley Jacobsen, Neha Mitragotri, Bianca Rivas, Olga Gabriela Ventura, Janice Boughton, John Christian Fox
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(1) : 10–15

Evaluation of a simulation-based workshop on clinical performance for emergency physicians and nurses

Chi Ho Chan, Tung Ning Chan, Man Cheuk Yuen, Wai Kit Tung
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(1) : 16–22

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