Chief Editor
Jian-an Wang, Hangzhou
Deputy Chief Editors
Steven M. Dubinett, USA
Second Affiliated Hospital,
Zhejiang University School of Medicine
  Current Issue: 2015 - Volume 6 - Issue 4
Recommended Articles

Expert consensus on the perioperative management of patients with sepsis

Chinese Association of Anesthesiologists
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(4) : 245-260

Community emergency medicine: Benefits and challenges of screening for elder abuse in the emergency department of a developing country

Muhammad Akbar Baig, Asad Mian, Erfaan Hussain, Shahan Waheed
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(4) : 261–264

Impact of the 2010 resuscitation guidelines training on layperson chest compressions

Audrey L. Blewer, David G. Buckler, Jiaqi Li, Marion Leary, Lance B. Becker, Judy A. Shea, Peter W. Groeneveld, Mary E. Putt, Benjamin S. Abella
World J Emerg Med 2015;6(4) : 270–276

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